AKATEEN RITES OF PASSAGE
                                         MENTORING PROGRAM

         The AKATeen Rites of Passage Program is designed to cultivate and begin the transformation      of high school girls into young  productive women.

         This is done through a series of workshops, two(2) mandatory retreats, and several trips. There is a family and friends dinner designed for the young ladies to practice the skills learned during their etiquette workshop. The culminating event takes  place outdoors (weather permitting), with a traditional African Rites of Passage Ceremony.

                                                        OPEN HOUSE:    2020 Date TBA

                                                       MEETS WEEKLY ( Mondays / Wednesday)

                                                   PLACE: Eastchester Heights Community Center
                                                          3480 Seymour Ave. (Bet. Boston  & Hicks Ave)

                                                               For More Information, Contact:

                                                            Mrs.  LaVerne...917-744-6551








    2020 Rites of Passage                    Closing Ceremony

                                 Thursday, May 27, 2020

                                              6:30 PM                                                 

       Want to recap the beauty of the AKA             Teens Rites of Passage Program Closing                                  Ceremony.
  Well you can by viewing our Youtube Page!
  Click the link below to relive this historical                                  moment!

            Annual Holiday  Toy  Drive 

                                  2020 Date & Time To Be Announced


                               Silhouette Restaurant & Lounge

                          5668 Broadway, Bronx, New York

                                                  Admission: Unwrapped Toy